Feel your balance & connect with your nature on the sea.

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Supyoga formentera was born from the need to share my passion for yoga with the environment of the island, the sea.

This practice not only connects body, mind and spirit but also merges you with the sea, its colour, its smell, its movement… Practising on the paddle surf board creates a feeling of buoyancy, lightness and at the same time instability… while you tone your body, maintain your balance, increase your flexibility and improve your concentration.

An activity adapted to all levels, come and enjoy it!



An asana we performed in one of the sunset practices. The spine is stretched backwards and toned, benefiting people with slumped shoulders and a tendency to curve forward.



Ending in this posture, feeling the movement of the board as it floats on the sea induces the mind into a state of calm, destroying fatigue and decreasing mental agitation. Breathing is steady, soft, gentle and deep, bringing the body to total relaxation.



One of the most relaxing postures, being seated, resting with the back upright and legs crossed, keeping the mind attentive, grateful for the practice and connecting with the moment and the place.

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